A letter from Widlene Earle

Thank you Canada and all of my supporters! After my biological mother died, everything looked hopeless. Now I am so excited to start my new life in Canada.

When I heard about the campaign to provide me with a house to live in, I couldn’t believe it. I am dreaming of the day that I get to fly to Canada and settle into my new bedroom.

It was pretty exciting when I watched the news and saw Justin Trudeau promise my adopted dad that he would get me to Canada. This is like the second chance at life that I had been dreaming of. I am so grateful that I will no longer have to be looking over my shoulder here in DR where Haitians are not welcomed.

I can’t wait to see everyone in Canada. Thank you for all your love and support!

My friend 7 Keyz, thought it be a good idea, to start a GoFundMe campaign, I said ‘That Be Awesome”. He then presented the idea to the Luxury Home Prestige team, after they told him about their ‘Celebrity Circle’ initiative, where they are donating a portion of their house sales, back to a good cause. How perfect is that??

I always pictured my room, to look like Jasmines, in Aladdin. Wishful thinking, but I love that movie!

Offering to start a campaign, to provide me with a home, brought me to tears. I can’t thank everyone enough, for their dedication to improving my life. Being adopted, sheltered and protected by two Canadians is the best thing that could have happened to me.
THANK YOU MOM AND DAD EARLE. I can’t wait to see my baby brother again!”

-Widlene Earle, 13 Year old, Adopted Canadian.

Our Collective Initiative

We would like to donate a portion of our commissions back to important causes. With many facing homelessness, we would like to bring relief as soon as we can.
With a commitment to give back, we are asking others to participate in similar initiatives in order to bring relief to those in crisis situations like Widlene Earle.

If you would like to give Widlene Earle, a homecoming gift, you may do so by texting Broken Silence Records at 647-703-1378. Mailing info will be provided.

Home Buyer’s Donations

All proceeds of the of home sales related to this campaign go towards the Widlene Earle Campaign.
Non Home Buyers donations can be done directly through our GoFundMe campaign. Every donation helps.

Gifts For Widlene’s Homecoming

  1. Flowers
  2. Teddy Bears
  3. Clothing
  4. School Supplies
  5. Other gifts welcomed for Widlene’s Homecoming

“I saw my dad and Justin Trudeau on TV, it gave me hope, knowing that I would be brought to safety, after hearing Mr. Trudeau’s promise to help me. Everyday I live in fear, as people that look like me are being deported every day. I can’t wait to get to Canada and have peace again.”
“Thank you for all your love and support Canada.”
– Widlene Earle

This is a GoFundMe Campaign, to purchase a home, for Widlene Earle, as she awaits her flight to Canada.