The Period Purse

For all menstruators to experience healthy periods with dignity.

The Period Purse strives to achieve menstrual equity by providing marginalized menstruators with access to free menstrual products, and to reduce the stigma surrounding periods through public education and advocacy.


  • We are focused on making a positive impact by affecting the lives of marginalized menstruators.
  • We believe that marginalized menstruators are strong, courageous and capable of making choices that are right for them. We respectfully support their decisions.
  • We respect that each menstruator will determine what dignity looks like for themself.
  • We seek to erase the stigma surrounding menstruation and shed light on the unique challenges faced by people who experience homelessness. We are committed to education about healthy periods and menstrual equity.
  • We are driven by empathy, love and a commitment to giving.
  • We are inspired and energized by the power of our mission.
  • We believe that every act of good matters. One person can make a difference.
  • We believe that menstrual health is a shared responsibility. It will take a collective effort of support, cooperation and active participation to create real, sustainable change.

Jana Girdauskas always wanted to become the CEO of a non-profit organization and in 2017, that dream became a reality. That year, Jana launched The Period Purse.

After encountering a person experiencing homelessness while driving, but without any items to give, Jana began questioning what this individual would do during menstruation. Curious, concerned and committed, Jana was compelled to fill one purse with menstrual products and other wellness items. She planned to keep the pack in her car for a person in need. With everything to fill the purse at home, Jana was just missing the physical bag. So, she asked a local Facebook group if anyone had a spare "period purse" to share.

Within a month, Jana received 350 purses filled with donated product. Today, The Period Purse is an official volunteer-run non-profit organization that supports hundreds of local menstruators living in Toronto shelters. The Period Purse has also expanded to chapters across Ontario and Saskatchewan. One day, we will be across Canada!

When she is not talking about periods, Jana is also a Special Education Teacher. She is a mother of two and lives with her family in Toronto's west end.

Jana is Available to Speak About:

  • The Period Purse and Menstruation Nation
  • Menstrual Equity
  • Period Poverty in Canada
  • Menstruators Experiencing Homelessness in Toronto
  • Policy Changes around Menstrual Products
  • Menstruation Education in Schools
  • Non-Profit Organization Management
  • Launching a Non-Profit Organization
  • Networking in the Non-Profit Industry
  • Compassionate Leadership

Since launching The Period Purse, Jana has shared motivational messaging at events across Canada. For more information on securing Jana as a guest speaker, email