Jeffery Ikeaka Foundation

Jeffery Ikeaka Foundation is a non-governmental international organization that focuses on empowering youths, refugees and homeless people. Jeffery Ikeaka foundation has been in existence since January 2015 and is currently building a community centre in Dikenafai, a rural village in South East Nigeria.

Their mission is to promote and achieve lasting improvement in the quality of life of children, homeless and internally displaced persons.

A vision of a world where marginalized and less privileged people can live a healthy, sustainable life with love and dignity.

With a goal to impact the lives of 10,000 people by 2025 and build three community centres by 2030.



Our proposed Jeffery Ikeaka Community Centre will be designed to serve as an avenue where children, youths, women and community members will have the opportunity to access educational, recreational, human welfare, health and entrepreneurship programes for the people of Dikenafai and neighbouring communities.


Jeffery Ikeaka Foundation is dedicated to empowering youths through sports and educational outreach programmes.

Sports is an essential tool for the development of any youth, however lots of youths in rural and low income communities do not have the opportunity to participate in sports competition.

Our Youth Empowerment Sport Competition is vital in overcoming the effects of poverty by teaching youth leadership skills, teamwork, building self-esteem and sparking excitement in being part of something. During the 2016 Christmas holiday, we hosted the Jeffery Ikeaka Foundation Soccer Empowerment Cup Competition were we engaged secondary school youths.


Jeffery Ikeaka Foundation is involved in assisting homeless people in Toronto through the provision of hygiene, food and clothing drives and bringing community awareness to their situation and needs. Our aim is to become an ambassador for change and help to make homeless people feel cared for.

Despite sporadic success in battling homelessness in Canada, 30,000 Canadians are homeless every night, and 150,000 Canadians every year. In Toronto, about 5,500 people are estimated to be homeless. Our various drives will provide sustainable support for the homeless people of the Greater Toronto Area.


Boko Haram insurgency has wrought havoc across Northern Nigeria since it launched an armed insurgency to oust the Nigerian government and establish a radical Islamist caliphate since 2009.

The militant group has killed more than 20,000 people and displaced more than 2 million across Nigeria. Thousands of women and girls have abducted and children as young as 12 years old have been recruited as suicide bombers. Boko Haram has also been launching attacks in neighbouring countries like Cameroon and Chad.

The vast majority of states displaced in Northern Nigeria have been in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States. 7.7 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance, more than 50 per cent of whom are children

Issues such as lack of food, poor infrastructure, lack of basic amenities, and poor sanitation are frequent in internally displaced camps in Northern Nigeria. These pose negative consequences to the development of children and youths.